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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 3 Brewers (Toronto, Ontario)

The 3 Brewers, 275 Younge Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada. When you enter the establishment you first see the copper brewing vats that are behind glass and gleaming! Kept spotlessly polished, and gives a great impression. The first bar is towards the back and on the left and ids a dark wood bar. I would say that it sits about 10-15. Then you go up to the next level it is all darker wood with exposed beams. The front and back area of this lever are seperated by the next level in the middle which is about 6 steps higher. There is a 2nd bar on that middle level and it too is all dark wood and seats about 10 people. I didn't try the beer but the two guys I was wlith did, and said it was very good. They don't serve Bud, Canadian or any other commercial beer. They only serve the beer that they brew. They have full bar service including wine. This place is in a great location in Toronto. So guys if you are in Toronto and the girls want to go shopping this place is right across the street from the Eaton Centre Mall!! I can't talk on the food as we never had any. But people with peanut allergies should stay away as they have big sacks of peanuts that are free. They ask you don't throw the shells on the floor, and provide you with a small basked for your shells. This establishment has a very warm feel to it. The washrooms are clean and modern!! I have spoken to several other people who also have raved about this place!!

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