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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Red Lion Inn (Kindersley, Saskatchewan)

The Red Lion Inn (Pub) 614 Main Street, Kindersley Saskatchewan, Canada. Where is that you ask, well if you are driving from Calgary, Alberta to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Kindersley is about 1/2 hour across the border in Saskatchewan. Turn right on main street and it is down town on the left hand side, you can't miss it. I guess you can call it a typical small town prairie bar. This place if Family owned and run, not a big commercial run operation. It is the kind of place when you go in every one knows each other and they also know if you are from out of town. Yes, you are treated very well!! It is a good place to get caught up on what is going on, it is kind of like its own news network. Once a week they get a large group of the local retired golfers in for lunch and a few drinks. Or is that retired people that golf come in for lunch....ah what the hell. Drinks are very reasonably priced, especially if you compare them to Seattle, Vancouver or London. They have a couple of pool tables, numerous video lottery terminals (gambling) and a dance floor. The sit up bar can seat about 6 people. Every time that I have eaten here the food has been good! Kindersley has produced several National League Hockey players and one Detroit Red Wings coach!! This town of 4,500 people is also home to the Kindersley Klippers of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. You can always find some one who wants to talk hockey while you are there. One good thing is now there is no smoking in the bars, which makes it good for everyone. The place has a cold beer and wine store attached. The place is well maintained and the washrooms are very clean. (Now that is important!). If you ever happen to go there tell them you are a friends of Curly or even a buddy of Marcel's! Next time you are in the area, you should drop in and enjoy some true prairie culture and hospitality! I know you will enjoy yourself!!

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