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Monday, October 5, 2009

Central Pub "Saloon" (Seattle, Washington)

The Centeral Pub "Saloon", 1201-1st Avenue South, Seattle, Washington, USA. Now this is a classic old style pub! It is Seattle's Oldest Saloon established in 1892. The bar it self is about 40 feet long and is made up of two 10 inch planks. Yes they keep the surface refinished. You can seat at least 20-25 people at the bar. They have 20 different beer on tap. The service was great and the two bartenders were very friendly and seemed to enjoy their jobs. My Buddy asked for the restrooms and the one bartenders thought that he asked her if she wanted to wrestle. So she played that up pretty good. Hell I would have wrestled with her, hahaha! Both of the bartenders were great, one asked if we would be back after the game, and we said no. She then replied "At east you are brutally honest!" , she said with a laugh. This place has lots of character. There is side walk seating as well, so you can watch everyone walking by. It is very close to Safeco Field and Quest Field. If you are in Seattle, I would suggest that you give this place a try.

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