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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bar Car (Eurostar)

The Bar Car on the Eurostar train from London, England to Paris, France. Go to the bar car once the train is in France after going through the Chunnel. Once in France the train travels at 320 kilometers per hour or 187 miles per hour. Smooth as glass, not a bump or bouncing around at all!
The bar car has stand up tables and large windows. You can get beer, wine and of course Champagne! They serve hot and cold food, but not an extensive menu. When I was there, I met several guys going to France for the World Cup of Rugby. It is quite a rush standing there going that fast while on the ground and not flying. When you go through the small train stations where the train does not stop, you can't read any of the signs. Every thing close is a blur! If you ever get the chance to take the train from London to Paris or vice versa, you have to take it. Once you are on the train it is just a few steps to the bar car!!!

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