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Friday, December 28, 2012

Tudor Ale House (Surrey, British Columbia)

Tudor Ale House, 187-176 Street (Hwy 15) Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  It is located 2 blocks from the Canada/ USA border at the Pacific Hwy Crossing.  On a busy crossing day you can sit and watch everyone in the 1-2 hour waits going south bound!
Taken from their web page:
The Tudor Inn first opened on November 10, 1938 as an original 1930s style Road House. Legend has it that Al Capone's gang smuggled booze across the border through the basement in The Tudor Inn and the gang often enjoyed a few pints at the bar. Seventy-four years later, The Tudor Alehouse is still a landmark in the City of Surrey and we hope to reignite some of the original Tudor excitement and style.

Back in the 1980's-1990's this was a strip bar, but like many of the strip bars, they are disappearing.  When we entered, we were not greeted or even acknowledged.  The bartender and one of the waitresses were standing at the bar visiting with each other. We found a seat, and still no one said hi or said our waitress would be there shortly.  After a couple of minutes our waitress arrived from the kitchen area.  They had a wine special, which was Peller Estates wine.  For our meal I had the Hawaiian Flat bread, it wasn't bad but it was served on an ice cold plate and as a result the flat bread was cold very quickly.  My wife ordered the Beet and Tomato salad.....out of beets.  She had the Spinach and goat cheese salad which was very nice.  One thing I noticed, the Bartender was more interested in playing cards at the bar with one of the patrons then she was any of the customers that were there.  Through out the bar there were 5 flat screen TVs, keno and online poker.  There was one pool table by the washrooms.  They have two semi circular booths, 9 round high pub tables with chairs.  There is a high pub table that is long and narrow and seats 8 on pub stools.  The sit up bar seats 10-12 people, and the rest of the pub has standard 4 person tables and chairs.
One thing that I over looked was the beer they had on tap.......dare I go back and check it out again???  This experience did not even come close to many of the other pubs in a 10 mile radius.  I can only give it a 5 out of 10.  Maybe I hit it on an off day.......