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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Oak and Thorne Public House (Langley, B.C., Canada)

Oak and Thorne Public House, 20330-88 Avenue, Langley, British Columbia, Canada (Walnutgrove area).  This is another of the one of the Joseph Richard Group of Town Hall pubs that are through out the Vancouver suburban area.  When we went there, they had been open 3 days so thus some growing pains.  The décor is nice in side, lots of windows and the sit-up bar is very nice!  The sit-up bat seats 12 people and has a great beer tap row!  There are 24 different types of beer on tap.  Lots of TV's through out and they cover most of the major sports games.  If you are there during the Vancouver Canucks of the National Hockey League game, they come around with a pale of hockey pucks with a players number on it.  If that player scores your table gets a free round of drinks.  If you wear the oppositions jersey in your get a free drink as well....if you survive, LOL!  Our waitress, was very green and not well trained.  She was not able to answer anyone's questions with out going to ask someone else.  She didn't know abut anything on the menu, or served from the bar, had to go and write down lists.  This place has a restaurant licence which means children are allowed in. We were not thrilled about this.  Apparently they have applied for a Primary Liquor licence and then it will be adults only.  When we were the there, we all observed a Dad come in with his 10-11 year old daughter, and sit at one end of the sit-up bar.  The Dad sat turned with his back to his daughter for at least 20 minutes while he chatted with his buddies.   Wonder if Mom knows??   The food is the same as all the other locations.  Several of my friends were not thrilled with their selections.  One friend had the Chicken pesto quesadilla and it was soggy.  I had the fish and chips with coleslaw and it was good!  They have the same great breakfast deals on Sundays for $4 and $6.   I will give it sometime to see how things go and then go back and try it out again.  Stay tuned.   

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