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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bar One (Denny's) Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Bar One (Langley), 19777 Willowbrook Drive, Langley, British Columbia, Canada. I have a hard time getting used to the fact that Denny's has a bar.  One half is Denny's and the west half is Bar One, which is a proper bar.  Seems funny that the waitresses were wearing Denny's uniforms working in the bar.   I was there on a Friday evening and they don't have a bartender, again rather strange.  The waitress made and brought the drinks.  I had a glass of wine, and it came in a small carafe but she brought a Champagne flute.........When I went up and asked for a proper wine glass the manager told her the wine flute was the wrong glass.  Later she came to the table and explained that she thought the wine flute looked cute.  Again a first for me, getting a certain glass because it is cute.  Glad they didn't have Hello Kitty glasses or who knows what I would have received.  I had the Copper Moon Pinot Grigio which is a BC wine, and it was fine. The bar is very much like the previous bars here.  It is not bad inside, but there was no one here, really odd as it was a Friday night.  I think that there were 3 others the whole time I was there. The menu is different than the Denny's menu, and I had the sirloin steak sandwich on garlic toast with fries. It was very good, I never expected it to be that good. There are other pub meals, such as Nachos, Chicken wings, burgers, Calamari and the such.  Meat was very tender and not chewy at all!  Quite a few TV's around to watch sports. There is a large double curved high back booth that would be great for a group of 8-10 friends, and rather private.  There were 8 different types of beer on tap.  There is lots of under ground parking as well as the whole Willowbrook Mall parking lot right across the street. The service was very good, the waitress always kept checking to ensure every thing was good.  The manager also checked up to ensure things were good. This place needs a bartender that is for sure.  Denny's and a bar, just don't seem to go well in the same sentence.  International House of Pancakes in Winnipeg did it, and it works,  I guess........... I will just have to get over it. 

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