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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Coalmont Hotel (Coalmont B.C.)

The Coalmont Hotel, in the very small village of Coalmont, British Columbia, Canada.  You don't need a street address to find this place as it is the only hotel in Coalmont,  Coalmont is.....well you have to get to Princeton which is on Hwy #3,  3 hours east of Vancouver.  Turn north west on Bridge street and go over the one lane bridge then turn left.  Drive 18 or so kilometers through the scenic mountains until your reach the Coamont Hotel, you can't miss it!  The new owners bought it in October of 2013 and have cleaned it up and changed it around a bit.  Gone are stuffed animals and the such.   (see my earlier posed Coalmont Saloon)  I asked the new owner what is the name of the bar and she advised that it didn't have a name, everyone just calls it the Coamont Hotel. I once went across a desert on a horse with no name....!  Still a very cool place with lots of stories.  How about a previous owners (back sometime), Husband and Wife who used to get in to fights behind the bar.  Several times he threw his wife out the bar through a window behind the bar.  Window is gone now.  There was once a trap door behind the bar and he put her in the trap door and stood on the door so she couldn't get out. The owner said that they are equally as busy in the winter as they are in the summer.  Fall and Winter bring the hunters and snowmobilers.  It is an amazing snowmobile area, where people come from all over to ride the many miles of trails.  Summer boasts a beautiful lake 10 km past the hotel called Otter Lake at Tulameen B.C., camping, boating, beach and beautiful weather.  Back to the bar, they have a nice deck area in front.  The 28 room hotel is closed but the bar still has the nostalgia. Daily drink specials.  Out front a guy had a Jerk Chicken stand, don't know how well he did.  Once a coal mining town the Coalmont Hotel opened up in 1912 and still going today.  If you are looking for cool, old different places this is a place to check out!

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