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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bub's Dive Bar (San Diego, California)

Bub's Dive Bar 7th Avenue and J Street 1050 Garnet Avenue, Gaslamp Area of San Diego California, USA.  This is a real happening place.  I was there on 2 occasions and both during the day on a Sunday once after a San Diego Padres game and once with no game.  Both times were in the early afternoon.  This place was packed!  Music rocking tons of people having a great time.  Off to one side there there is a basket ball court with a chain link fence around it about 15 feet lone and 6 feet wide.  This also comes down very easily.  In the middle there is a large rectangular bar that seats 40 people.  Behind the bar there are stainless steel tubs with bottled beer on ice.  They have 15 plus beer on tap.  The outside patio area is raised about the height of a loading dock, with large roll up garage doors,  They have weekly specials, such as Monday $5 food specials, Tuesdays: $3 grilled cheese sandwiches,  Wednesdays 25 cent wings, Thursdays $2 tacos.   There are 25 or so flat screen TVs through out the bar.  They also have a second sit up bar that is L shaped and sits bout 12 people.  The food is very good.  My wife had the fish Tacos and I had the Grilled Cheese sandwich both were excellent.!!  They have a lot of staff and always are around to keep you happy.  What is the catch.........well there is a catch, they allow kids in here.  So there fore it is not a true bar.  Why people would bring their young kids in here....I'm not sure,  if it's full of young people in their 20's and 30's having a great time!  Then you get parents letting their 2 and 3 year old's run around.  All in all it was pretty darn good, two thumbs up.

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