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Monday, July 5, 2010

The Shop Tavern (Oroville, Washington)

The Shop Tavern, 2002 Main Street, Oroville, Washington, U.S.A.. The name says it all. This used to be the site of NAPA Auto Parts and it is now a Tavern. They only sell beer and wine, due to licensing. That will hurt in the long run. The walls and the bar are made out of corrugated metal and give it that shop feel. There are several TV's on the wall and a large projection screen TV. This is a Sports Tavern........but they are going to have to step it up n the food department. I had the Nachos, which were chips with that liquid cheese. The kind you get at the Football or baseball games. The bar tender told us that we could go out in the parking lot and buy something and bring it back in to eat. In the parking lot there was a van selling Mexican food and a BBQ stand to go along with Subway! Maybe we should have brought our food in to eat. There is a lot of echo in this place so it makes it a little hard to hear the TV's. The Tavern and the washrooms were very clean. I understand it is new, and probably going through some growing pains. This place does not stand out!

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