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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Bay Marine Pub (Cowichan Bay, British Columbia)

The Bay Marine Pub (Cow Bay Pub, Bay Pub) 1695 Cowichan Bay Road, Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada (on beautiful Vancouver Island). Cowichan Bay is a neat place right on a bay which is part of the Pacific Ocean. There are lots of little shops along the water, a marina with lots of fishing and pleasure boats. The pub is right on the water and has a stunning view, especially on a nice sunny day. The food here is excellent. The pub was built in 1973 and the present owners have had it since 2002. Flat screen TV'S for watching the games 2 pool tables and the bar is a rectangle in the middle. It is not the most comfortable bar in the inside, but the location and the view seem to make up for what it lacks in ambiance inside. You can take a stroll on the pier ach check out the boats or the local herd of sea loions that have taken up residence there. They have a large out side patio running along the entire front of the pub, and on a sunny day you can't beat sitting out there!!

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