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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Hub (Concrete, Washington)

The Hub 45914 Main Street, Concrete, Washington, U.S.A. which is about 40 minutes east of Interstate 5 on Hwy 20. The Hub.......what can I say. It has the longest single plank bar in the State built in the 1920's (I think) by the Brunswick company (pool tables). It is an absolute piece of art and the wood behind the bar is fabulous. The Bar needs a refinishing. The Bar had 15 bar stools are all bolted to the floor, classic bar style. There is usually one or two girls running the bar and doing the cooking at the same time. You have to be patient especially when one girl is working. They don't take any guff and aren't afraid to tell some one to #$%& off! The food is pretty well all deep fried (kills all germs I guess). Good onion rings and Jojo potatoes! You can get a couple of drinks and not break the bank. I have some great stories from that place and my brother can attest to that. If you venture in don't expect 5 star and you will be all right.

August 2011, My Buddy and I went back to the Hub.  Nothing has changed nothing has been up graded.  It was a Friday aqfternoon, I had a glass of wine and when it was time for a second glass......there was none, they ran out.  This is not the first tme that has happened.  How n the world does a bar run out of wine before a weekend.  Duh!!

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  1. Now this is my kind of bar! I wish my house were large enough for the bar that's located at the Hub Tavern. Absolutely gorgious piece of craftsmanship. A must see when in Concrete, WA.