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Monday, March 14, 2011

Shark Club Grill and Bar (Langley, British Columbia)

Shark Club Grill and Bar--Langley, 20269-88Avenue, Langley, British Columbia, Canada. Voted Canada's number one sports bar by Sports Net in 2009. Attached to the Coast Hotel, this is a large sports bar with 30 flat screen TV's through out. There are 4 different levels. In the lower level they have leather couches so you can catch the game in comfort as well as a couple of pool tables. The sit up bar is one of the biggest around and has a curve to it. I guess it sits about 30 people or so, and everyone has a view of the TV's. There are 11 different types of beer on tap! When you enter the bar and go the the far left corner there is a raised area with a fireplace. I usually come here for lunch and they have probably one of the best waitresses anywhere around, by the name of "Megan". She is the best, always smiling, always happy, always keeping on top of her customers. Her area is always the busiest bar none!! The food here is always good, I have had several things on the menu but one of my favorites is the Taco Salad, which comes with lettuce, tomato, black beans, spicy ground been, cheese in a taco shell, with a chili lime dressing!! They have various food and drink specials through out the week. There are 7 or 8 Shark clubs around BC and Alberta. I have been in the one in Victoria, but this is much better. It has a nice feeling through out. There are various signed sports jerseys on the walls along with sports pictures. They have numerous events through out the year and judging by the pictures on their web site the St Patrick's Day party is a must!! This is a big place and you should not have a hard time getting a large group in here for lunch or dinner. They do pride themselves on the hiring practices, and I must agree! The washrooms are newly renovated, very modern and very clean!! There are also two outside heated patio areas. There is alot good to say about this place and all of it good. I have never been disapoointed here and I suggest trying it out. It is just north of Hwy #1 and 200 Street in Langley. They also have a liquor store attached.
UPDATE:  I have been there numerous times since my last post and it is still a great place as is the food.  They were also one of the World Junior A Hockey Challenge and were at thehocky rink with the Shark girls handing out gift certificates through out the tournament.  Megan who works the day shift is still the best waitress around!  Always in a good mood, always smiling, and takes care of her custmoers very well.  Well worth the visit.  2011 January 21

2015 November it is closed for renovations.  This is posted on their web site.  I don't know if this means for renovations or closed for good and opening as something else? Or what is going on.